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We all get stagnant on something

We decide not to do something or take action for any number of reasons

It could be with work, training, a relationship or just a project at home

For somepeople it is spending time at home or going on vacation

For many people I meet with regularly it is starting their training journey to a healthier version of themselves

It doesn’t actually matter what it is.

What we are missing out on if we don’t do it is the most important topic of the conversation

     We could be missing out on playing with our grandkids

     We could be avoiding the hospital in our later years

     We could be missing happiness in a relationship

     We might miss an opportunity to ever see someone again

     It could be missing out on the ability to be proud of ourselves for our accomplishment

We all tend to provide solutions when forced to.

Controlling that forcing function is what many of us could be more cognizant of.

Rather than letting an outside variable become the forcing function why wouldn’t we just create our own forcing function??

     Book the trip, and then the forcing function is figuring out how to pay for it.

     Committ to the project and suddenly we make time in our busy schedules

     Make the reservation and now that business meeting will have to wait

    Turn the phone off and go to the gym and everyone will just have to wait

     Committ to the event and now we find ourselves training for it

The point is we can control the things in our sphere, but in many cases we convince ourselves we can’t

it is an agreement we are breaking with ourselves about who we want to be or what we want to do.

I’ve been playing around with the concept of forcing functions for a while.

I set into motion an action that now needs to be dealt with.  

Sometimes it doesn’t work out, most times it does

In a lot of instances it doesn’t work out the way I imagined it, but that isn’t how any of this works anyway….

We all have to stop being victim to something

The forcing function is usually pretty obvious……its the thing that we are afraid of.

Identify the thing you are most afraid of and you’ve probably found the forcing function

Now just put it in motion