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I’m notorious for asking terribly worded questions.

It drives Jess crazy when I ask two questions at the same time

“Are you going to pick up Logan or do you need me to?”

“Do you want to go to this dinner place or to a different one?”

I regularly get outsmarted by my 6-year-old when I ask her questions…

“Logan, where are you??”   

(her response from upstairs)- “I’m right here”

“Logan, how did Chappy get that knife off of the counter????”

(Logan in a confused voice) “With his hand’s daddy….”

“Logan, why are your shoes on the wrong feet??”——“Because I put them on that way”

I always laugh because…..she’s not wrong.

All of those answers are appropriate based on the questions I asked her.

That is my fault.

One of my mentors Chuck Carswell is famous for his mantra of “Ask one more question”

I would go a step further and say “Ask one more meaningful question”

Just a little heads up, this takes ownership on our part.

We have to own the fact that we may be asking the wrong question.

Try taking some time to pick apart the questions we ask

“Why does my back hurt?”—- “what range of motion should I have, but don’t?”

“Why doesn’t this nutrition protocol work?”—- “What don’t I understand about this protocol?”

“Why does X keep happening?”  —-  “What do I keep doing to allow X to keep happening?”

They are all similar questions but just phrased differently.

What is important is the outcome.

If we want better answers we have to ask better questions.

Sorry, I’ve been on hiatus with these emails, we are back on track!