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One of the many things my coach college coach did that irritated me to no end was point out the obvious.

It was insanely annoying.

     “Hey guys we’re losing!”

     “You can’t throw the ball out of bounds”  (this was one I hated with so much passion I couldn’t describe it)

     “That guy just keeps scoring on us!”

I think you get the point. 

As if none of us weren’t painfully aware of all of those things already.

I always wanted to casually respond with a smart ass remark “Gee thanks coach where would we be without you, I didn’t realize we were down by 20!”

Maybe it would have worked and I would have gotten a little more playing time, who knows.

The best coaches I’ve ever been around simply gave direction. 

     They know when we are frustrated.  

     They know we aren’t happy

     They know pointing that out isn’t going to help anyone

So here’s what I’ve got you.


     Set a schedule.

     Show up to the virtual classes like you would for TH 9am or 5pm.

     Spend 10-15 mins working on your mobility a day.

     Take 5 mins to journal each day and plan out the next day.

     Ask us for help with your nutrition (we are going to help you anyway).

     Get up and read in the morning.

      Go to sleep at the same time every night.

The point is to keep your good habits in place and use this opportunity to create more good habits.

The silver lining is this is a great time to do some true self-reflection and make some good changes.

Monday, I was furious.

Tuesday, I started outlining all the things that we need to fix in the business so that when you all come back things are better than when you left.

So here’s my challenge to all of you.

Spend zero time reminiscing about how things were before all of this and how this has changed things.

Spend all of your time crafting the future and what you want your world to look like when this is over.

As much as this may feel like a time when the earth is standing still, its actually a time when can push forward on things that will most positively impact us.

Get to it.